Having Writer’s Block

Hi Lovelies,

Maybe you’ve been wondering where I’ve been these last few days, maybe you haven’t, but as the title suggests I’ve been having major writer’s block 😦  What I’ve learned about writer’s block these past few days is that it can really happen to anyone! I’ve had planned post scrapped because I would start writing and then hate what I wrote and start again!

So today I thought I’d just be honest and write a post on how I’ve been beating writer’s block 🙂

Reading Other Blogs

Seems like the first thing you would think of right..well, you would be wrong. Reading other blogs didn’t even come into my head until the other day, but once I started I couldn’t stop. At first, I felt bad because I was reading all these amazing posts and I couldn’t even write two words on a page, but once I got over that I found myself getting so much inspiration, so if you’re suffering from writer’s block it can really help.

Write a Sentence a Day

If you’ve picked what your next post will be about but just can’t seem to fill it with content, then simply write one sentence a day and after a few days review it all and edit where needed. It may take you a week, but you pushed through and got a post up and after a day or two you’ll find your mojo coming back 😀

Don’t Let The Negative In

Negativity is a big thing and it can creep in at any moment, in a lot of different ways. My biggest piece of advice for anyone with writer’s block is, fight back and don’t let it take over! Remind yourself that it’s normal to have times where your creativity isn’t flowing like a river!

To some, writer’s block may seem like an excuse, but I grantee you, if you’re a blogger someday you will suffer from it in one form or the other! So instead of judging others, be prepared yourself 🙂

I hope this post helps anyone out there suffering from writer’s block right now!

All The Best

CJ 🙂

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  1. It’s always so great to write about what you’re experiencing at the moment ☺

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    1. I find it almost freeing 🙂

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  2. xoJenny says:

    Aside from writing about my life experiences (hence my lifestyle blog, lol) I totally agree, getting inspiration from others is so handy. I love reading peoples blogs and a lot of the times it helps trigger an idea of something I want to write and/or elaborate my point of view.. I love our blogging community because I know a lot of bloggers that do take ideas from others will write a nice little mention to shout out the blogger they got the idea from so it all works out! This is a perfect little push to those who do get writers block because that’s a real thing and esp for bloggers who write often- sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just can’t think on the spot like that!

    xo, JJ


    1. I think a lot of my issues stemmed from work troubles 😦
      It’s crazy how one thing not going well in your life can effect everything else!
      I agree I love this blogging community and I love that I feel I know you and others by reading your blogs!
      I want to do more Lifestyle stuff this year I think 🙂

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