52 Week Blog Challenge: My Childhood Memories

Hi Lovelies 🙂

Happy New Year to you all 🙂 I hope everyone had a lovely time off and that 2017 is treating you well so far 🙂

As you know I’m doing this challenge along with  Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just Live They welcomed anyone to link up with them and take part also😀 All you need to do is 1. post the below banner and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!


My Childhood was a busy one, I was always getting up to something, whether that was playing in the mud with my brother or dressing up in my mum’s high heels, if there was silence in my house I was up to something 😀

My first days at school are some of my fondest memories, my mum would do up my hair all lovely each day and when she came to pick up me I’d have every click and bobbin taking out. My school was small, but it has a huge playground that we used to run around and pretend we were Zena The Warrior Princess 😀 I was pushed over in the yard one day and chipped my front tooth, was the worse pain I’d ever felt, but got a few days off school so of course, that made me the coolest kid for a few days.

I then went through a phase of dressing myself and my brother up in my mum’s clothes and makeup, he came down the stairs one day and she thought the neighbour’s daughter had come over to visit haha some shock she got 😀  Then there was the time I woke up super early one school morning and broke into my mums nail polish collection…we had to get a new kitchen table because I had covered it in polish of all colours!

My mums parents lived up in Mayo in the north-west of Ireland and so I spent a lot of time up there, we used to dress up their dog and pick apples and one time while my dad and uncle were building a new horse shed, I decided to make a huge mud pit and play in it with all my clothes on..My uncle ended up having to throw huge buckets of water over me in an attempt to get me clear, I hated this, so I  decided to go back in but this time I took my brother with me, he had to get the hose at us then and we laughed the whole time 🙂


First Day of School
Playing Dress Up





My childhood really was special and I’m so glad I have the memories that I have and I wouldn’t change them for anything 🙂

What memories do you have from your childhood and  would you change them if you could?


All The Best!


CJ 🙂



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  1. lovejennyxo says:

    oh my goodness, you are so stinkin cute!!! I was doing the same thing, taking my moms high heels and wearing them all around the house lol totally hilarious that you dressed your bother up too and the make up, ah I wish you had pictures of that lol is he younger than you? Sounds like you had such a sweet little childhood!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks JJ! I was a cutie alright, but boy could I kick up a storm if I wanted! It was an amazing Childhood and I’m so grateful I got the chance to have it
      Thanks for the continued support ❤
      CJ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Awww thanks for sharing a bit of your childhood with us! You were just darlin’!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much 😊 and thanks for stopping by
      CJ xx

      Liked by 1 person

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