Best Christmas Jumpers

Happy Blogmas Day 2 🙂

Every year I always get a new Christmas Jumper and wear it all day on Christmas Day and even on Stephen’s Day(Boxing Day) Now, getting a new one every year can be a bit tricky and I find looking is the hardest, so to make it a little easier for you guys I thought I’d put together a few I found so far 🙂

Penguin Christmas Jumper  – ASOS  

If you love Penguin’s then this Jumper is totally for you 🙂

Reindeer Heart – New Look

Now if Reindeer’s are more your thing then this one is also super cute


Pink Snowflake – River Island

Not normally a Christmas colour, but it is still lovely 🙂



Just Chillin Men’s Snowman – Debenhams

Now I can’t forget about the special man in my life, Billy likes Snowmen so I think this one will be perfect for him 🙂

All Over Print Mens Jumper – ASOS

If your man is more of a simple pattern person then why not take a look at this one 🙂


If like me, you get a new jumper every year, I hope these links will save you a little time in the process of finding one this year 🙂


Do you wear a jumper at Christmas? Let me know where you’ve gotten yours if you do 😀


All The Best


CJ 🙂







2 Comments Add yours

  1. mspc says:

    I get a new one each year too for Christmas day! I wear so much more tacky ones though 🙈🎄😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes I make my own tacky ones too 🙂 this year however I’m working right up till Christmas Eve so won’t get the time 😩 but tacky ones are always so fun 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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