Music Tag

Hi Lovelies,

Continuing on with the little Tag series that I have going on, today I thought I’d share with my Music Tag. If you do not know this about me, I’m actually a musician 🙂 I play the Piano and I sing 🙂 So I thought it would be fun to do 🙂

Which bands/artist do you have the most albums by? – That would easily be Hans Zimmer  but before it was P.O.D as they were my favourite as a teen 🙂

What was the last concert you attended? – Hans Zimmer, I saw him in May when he came to Dublin and I’ll be going to see him next year also 🙂

What is your favourite movie soundtrack? – Anything that Hans Zimmer is a part of really, Pirates of The Caribbean and Superman are top right now tho

What’s you’re “guilty pleasure” that you hate to admit to liking? – I actually don’t think I have one. I mean it’s okay to hate a song one day and then the next actually really like it. I think our music tastes can change, I know mine does all the time 🙂

Do you play an instrument? – Yes. The piano but I also played Double Bass in school and later on the cello for a little bit. Love the cello it has a really deep but sweet sound 🙂

What type of song best suits your voice? – Right now my voice is not in the best condition. Like anything, if you do not use it, it can get a little rusty. But my favourite to sing and best suited my voice was  Hallelujah, I used to sing it every year at my church  on Christmas and it really was amazing 🙂

What song are you listening to right now? – National Express – The Devine Comedy

If you could listen to only one type of music for the rest of your life what would it be? – For me, it would be classical music. I’m a huge fan 🙂  A perfect night for me would be sitting down listen to a classical album with a hot drink in my hands 😀


What music do you like? Do you listen to any guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments 🙂


All The Best!


CJ 🙂


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