I Have No Title For This Post

Hi Guy’s,

I’m sure you are wondering what this is about, as I really don’t know how to title this kind of a post . It may be a touchy subject, but I want to talk a little about following blogs and the reason that I follow some and not others, both here and on other social media platforms.

You mean you don’t follow every blog? 

Well no. How many blogs are there, thousands I’m guessing. It would be impossible to follow them all! Plus, how many are on topics you aren’t interested in, does that mean you have to follow a blog that isn’t on a topic of interest just because they like your blog and follow you?

So you don’t follow every blog that follows you?

Yes. This is where I feel it might get touchy, but I just want to be real with you guys. I’m so grateful and happy that so many of you have followed me so far and are really enjoying my posts, but if you’ve followed me simply to gain a follow back then let me ask you this, why are you blogging?? Is it to get more numbers to get free stuff or is it to truly Inspire people?

In this day and age, I can see why having a popular blog that has many followers is desirable, but at the end of the day, for me, it is about inspiring others in their daily lives. If my blog can help someone on a bad day and lift their spirit, then that’s all that matters to me.

What about earning a living from a blog?

What about it? I know many people who have turned their blog into a means of living and why not, they have put the hours into it, so it’s only right they should get something back. What I don’t agree with is pushing things on people just because someone has paid you to do so. Again it all boils down to inspiration.

As I said, a bit of a touchy topic, but it’s just me being as real as I can, because I believe honesty is the best policy.

I really hope that my blog has inspired some people out there and I hope it will continue to in the future 😀


All The Best


CJ 😀





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  1. loulahh says:

    I really like this post! I started my blog to try and make myself accountable for my running and diet. I think I have 9 followers in total but followers don’t matter to me – I write about things that interest me and I love writing so it’s a bonus if anyone reads it 🙂 Nowadays, people measure self worth on the amount of likes the get on facebook or the amount of followers on Instagram and they completely lose the reason why they started it in the first place. You should do it because you love it and if you get a few followers and inspire a few people, that’s just a bonus! x

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    1. Exactly! I agree, our self worth is not how many likes we get. Or even what people think on Facebook! I started because I wanted to express myself and inspire others to do the same 🙂 thank for the lovely message xx


  2. lovejennyxo says:

    I like that this post is so raw and genuine. It’s true we’re entitled to follow who we wish to follow which of course are going to be those who write something that interests us. Blogs shouldn’t be about follow for a follow its solely out of the passion of writing and wanting to share with the world or those who choose to read it. You do you girlie and at least youre honest about it!! 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I had wanted to write this for a while, but was kinda afraid at how it would be taken, but now I’m like, no this needs to be said and I need to be real. Thanks for the support 😊😊 xx

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  3. urbantutu says:

    Your title should be ” to follow or not to follow… this is the question “. https://www.urbantutu.com

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    1. that’s brilliant!! Wish I’d though if it now!

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  4. Such a good post! Its easy for people to base the worth of their blog on the amount of followers and to take things personally but blogs are a personal thing and I think a window to peoples thoughts.

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    1. Exactly! Each and every blog is different, even if you have the same general topic. Thanks for reading xx


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