Launch of The Irish Blogger Agency

This past weekend I was so pleased to be able to attend the launch of the Irish Blogger Agency. For members and soon to be members, it was a fantastic way to get to know not just what the agency is about, but also, to get to know the people involved and what they have to offer.



If you haven’t heard of the Irish Blogger Agency, it is Irelands dedicated agency for digital influencer marketing and was set up by CEO & Founder Sinead Carroll of Yummy Mummy Blog   & ITWBN .  Together with her amazing Power Team, she has created a place for influencers like myself to come and not only get connected with brands but also to further educate ourselves in the world that is Blogging!


There were many great and motivating speakers, but the one who really spoke to me was Joanne Sweeney Burke. Being part of the Power Team, she was one of the main speakers and talked about how Knowledge is Key. No matter what profession you have chosen in life if you do not know much about it, then how do you expect to go further with it! You can always learn something, even if that something is small. At the end of the day, ‘Knowledge of the industry will set you apart’



Not only was this event a great introduction to the agency, but was a fantastic way of meeting some homegrown Irish Bloggers like myself , a few of which were, The Holistic Toolkit, The Beauty Kemple , Beauty in Nostalgia, A Paler Shade of Beauty, & Irish Health Hour If  you have a minute then pop over and check them out 😀


Of course, I can’t finish without mentioning some of the fantastic sponsors, Blank Canvas Cosmetics,  Sundial Watches and David McConville Specialist Orthodontics  were a few. There was also amazing refreshments provided by Solaris Tea and Issie’s Handmade Chocolate


I was so excited to attend this event and I look forward to becoming more involved with them in the future 😀 If you are interested in knowing more about the Irish Blogger Agency and the Power Team you can do so my visiting the Website 


All The Best!


CJ 🙂

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