My Healthy Kickstart Week 3

Hi Guys 🙂

This week my update is a little different than the last few. I’ve been finding it very hard the last few days, not the eating healthy part, but the getting out more often and exercising part. Being healthy isn’t just about eating the right foods, it’s about being as active as you can. But this week I made a lot of excuses for myself, the same old excuses I made before! Ones that going forward I don’t want to repeat!

At the weekend my boyfriend took part in a physical and mental challenge called Hell and Back. What this is, is basically a 7km run with various challenges and obstacles along the way. These challenges test not only your physical fitness but also your mental capacity to push through when your body experiences tough and challenging times.

Although changing my diet and my exercise routine isn’t as challenging as Hell and Back, it’s still a very big change for me to get used to. For anyone to get used really, but this week I used that as an excuse not to be more active. ‘I don’t have enough energy’ is what I told myself and others all this week, now I know that in some cases lack of energy is a real issue, but for me, it wasn’t the case. I know I’m not alone in this. Right now if you have a go to excuse I want you to write it down, either in a notebook, on a writing board or if you feel comfortable the comment section. Write it down and promise yourself to never let that excuse hold you back again!

As I said I know it’s not like my usual update, but I want to be real with you all and not brush over the hard times.


All The Best



ps. here is a picture of my boyfriend after completing Hell and Back this past week. I’m so proud and hopefully this time next year I can take part also 😀



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