Mean Lean Juicing Machine ;)

Happy Friday Everyone 😀 I know I say this every time but I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by. If you missed the last post you can catch up Here but this week’s Review Friday is on what has now become my favourite book of all time!  As you guys will know I’ve been making more and more juices and smoothies and the Green Juices&Smoothies has pretty much become my bible when it comes to what I decide to make 🙂 I picked this up a few weeks ago in TK Maxx(TJ Maxx for all my USA followers) it was on sale so how could I not buy it 😀 At the time I didn’t know that I would pretty much be using it every day to find new recipes and even just get ideas of what combinations to create next.


The recipes are so easy to follow and apart from one or two things the ingredients are easy to come buy 🙂 All of the juices and smoothies I’ve made this past few days have come from this book but I’ll show the two that have been my favourites this week

Strawberry Joy Smoothie



The Detoxifier



They are both so tasty and by far are the easiest I think to make as some of the products can be switched out if you aren’t into them 🙂

If you would like to buy a copy of the book Green Juices & Smoothies it is available on Amazon. As always I hope you had a great week and if you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them in the comments below! 😀

All The Best




ps. I have not been paid to suggestion this book to you. It really has been a favourite of mine this week 🙂

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