My Healthy Kickstart Week 1

I firstly want to thank everyone for all the amazing comments and the support, I’ve been so surprised with how supportive everyone has been and I’m so thankful ❤ Before I get into updating you on how my first few days as a Vegan have been going, I’ve gotten a few concerned messages about my last post. I want to just say that although the title was My Weightloss Journey it’s not solely about losing weight and it certainly isn’t about losing weight quickly! My overall goal is to become healthy! A healthy diet and lifestyle will eventually lead to a healthy weight hence the title Weight loss Journey.

Now onto my update 😀

I have to say I’m finding the change great 🙂 I’ve enjoyed lots of healthy food and I haven’t felt hungry at all and surprisingly I’ve even had a ton more energy. I’ve started juicing now and I love it. I find it so easy and the taste is fantastic, much nicer than anything you’d get in the shop and a lot cheaper to make, that I’m sure of. I have missed my eggs tho, I always had them for breakfast, but my morning smoothie gets me through till lunch just fine. Chickpeas and tofu have become my new best friends 🙂 I’ve found some great ways to cook tofu in salads and  I put chickpeas in everything now 😀 (recipes to follow). I haven’t really done any workouts so far, but I’ve been making an effort to walk a lot more. I’m hoping that over the weekend I can do one or two works at least 🙂

If you’ve been following me Instagram  then you will have seen these pics of my morning juices and smoothies, but if not here they are 🙂 As I’ve said I’m loving them and they really do taste amazing!


As promised below is my before picture. I want to share this because I feel it’s important to show the results of a healthy diet and lifestyle and what I achieve over time . As I  said my sole goal in making the change to a Vegan diet isn’t just to lose weight but to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be 😀


Before Photo


I hope everyone is doing well and as always if you have any tips, questions or Vegan recipes you can leave them in the comments below 😀


All The Best




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