Magic Mayan Vegan Chocolate!

It’s Friday guys and  you know what that means!! Review Friday 😀 Can’t believe it’s been a week since my first review. If you missed  last weeks post you can check it out here. This weeks product of choice is Magic Mayan Raw Organic Chocolate. This chocolate is made using organic raw ingredients and is naturally a vegan product. It also is soy, dairy and gluten free! The taste is unbelievable! They have many flavours but my favourite right now is the Creamy cashew! It  has been briefly featured before on my June Favourites  but as you guys will find out in a future post I’m making the transition to a totally Vegan diet for health issues, which is why I’m loving it even more right now! 😀


As I mentioned in my favourites post I picked this up in my local Health shop and at the time didn’t realise it was vegan, as it wasn’t something I looked for in products until now. I was clearing out food I would no longer use and almost threw it away when I looked closer at it I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited!! Having to change your eating habits like I’ve done is hard enough, especially as I’m a huge fan of chocolate! Of course, it doesn’t  quite taste the same as milk chocolate, but organic raw chocolate never does and in my opinion, it tastes better 😀 As I’ve said I haven’t tried all of their flavours but the ones I have have been spot on!

I was even more excited to find out that this product is actually made not to far away from me here in Ireland. For more information on stockists, flavours and purchasing please take a look at the Magic Mayan website.

Even if you aren’t vegan, this chocolate is still fantastic and I would recommend you try it if you can. It’s a taste experience like no other and you won’t be sorry 😀

If you’ve tried this product or have other suggestions on products to review you can let me know in the comments or go to my contact page and fill out a contact form 🙂


All The Best





ps. I have not been asked or paid to review this product. I simply am a fan.

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  1. I’ve seen this, it looks awesome but the price was extortionate? Have you seen anywhere where it’s cheapest?

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    1. I did mark the price as being a little much, but I’ve never sat down and eaten a full bar, it’s very rich so a square or two for me is more then enough, I’ll have to see what price is on it, but I think it was around €3ish

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      1. Ah not so bad, where I was seeing it was about €4.70

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      2. Oh that is expensive! Even online is cheaper!


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