Staycation Continued

If you read last weeks post about my recent Staycation in an effort to Get Out More Often, you will know that I went up to Delphi Adventure Resort this week. If you haven’t read it you can do so here.  Delphi is based, literally, out in the middle of the Mayo mountains which are a beautiful sight to behold!


I had signed up to do a few activities the first of which was surfing. unfortunately, the rain didn’t stay away, but once I was in the water I didn’t even notice. Getting into the wet suit was a challenge and a half, but I got there in the end! I had never been surfing before, but the instructor, who’s name was Paddy, treated us all the same and ran through everything for everyone no matter how many times you’d been, which I found very helpful and made it a whole lot easier 🙂 The water was amazing and honestly you don’t even feel the cold! After about 2 hours of wave after wave, we had to leave and the battle of getting out of the wet suit began, as hard as it was getting it on, It was even harder again getting it off! If you’ve never been surfing and are interested I would recommend you try it out 🙂

My next activity was definitely my favourite, treatments in the Spa 🙂 I started off in their fabulous Thermal Suit, which was home to a huge heated Jacuzzi Bath, an amazing  essential oil Steam Room & Sauna and a lovely relaxation area with a fantastic view of the Mayo Mountains 🙂 My next port of call was a signature hot seaweed bath, which not only smells amazing but has great benefits for your skin and for your body. My last stop was to have a hot stone back massage, this was by far my favourite! The hot stones get really deep into your tissue and if you have tension in any way this really will help eliminate it and after a day of surfing was exactly what I needed.


And that concludes my fabulous Staycation 🙂 I’m so glad that I decided to get out and see what’s around me and that I could get to meet new people while doing it 😀 If you’re looking for ideas or for activities to do in your  local area, check out the Eventbrite website and if you would like to create your own personalised staycation, Eventbrite has tools so all of your friends can RSVP online and join in on the fun 🙂 


All The Best















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