Staycation… The New Vacation

This year I couldn’t afford a holiday abroad with friends and at first I was sad cause I was afraid that I would be missing out on all the craic! But as time went by, I thought ‘you know what there must be something I can afford’.

So I began to look and while searching came across a very interesting blog post by Eventbrite called GOMO(Going Out More Often) is the new FOMO( Fear Of Missing Out). It was exactly what I needed to read! Getting out (especially in all this good weather we’re having) and enjoying the things around us whether that’s local restaurants and shops, arts/music festivals or spending the day out hiking, is a great way to keep healthy, positive and can be the best way to meet new people and experience things that aren’t the norm. That’s when I decided that I would have a Staycation rather than a Vacation, and visit places in my local area that I had never been to before 😀

I decided that my first stop would be the village of Kinvara in Co. Galway. The smell of the ocean is amazing here and as I stood on the hill beside Dunguaire Castle and watched the tide come in I felt happy and full of life 🙂 I ate Breakfast in this lovely little cafe just across the road from the dock, I had the best porridge and eggs benedict, perfect way to start the day 😀


My next stop was the amazing Burren Perfumery 😀 If you’re into all things perfume like myself then you  will love this little, quiet slice of heaven. Along with it’s very own herb garden and showroom it also has a little tea room that makes the most amazing food. Well worth the visit if you’re willing to drive down the tiny country lanes 😀


And that was my first instalment in this year’s Staycation 😀 Stay tuned, as next week I’ll be heading up to The Delphi Spa Adventure Resort . If you’re looking for ideas or for activities to do in your  local area, check out the Eventbrite website and if you would like to create your own personalised staycation, Eventbrite has tools so all of your friends can RSVP online and join in on the fun 🙂 


All The Best!


CJ 🙂


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  1. magnumlady says:

    Lovely photos. I’m a big fan of the staycation. We have so much to explore on our little island and something interesting around every corner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree! It’s got something for everyone 😀


  2. urbantutu says:

    This was great, I just downloaded the eventbrite app, thank you for sharing 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing! I found stuff to do I wouldn’t never have known about 😀 Enjoy xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mummymode says:

    Love the pics! Sounds like you had a great time.. looking forward to reading more xx

    Liked by 1 person

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