Tips and Tricks I Learned from My Mother

In honour of Mother’s day which is this Sunday for a lot of people, I decided to do a small post dedicated to my very lovely Irish Mammy who taught me a lot of these beauty and life tips and tricks. I know some of us have celebrated Mother’s day already but still, Happy Mother’s day to ALL the Mammies out there 😀


Invest in a good moisturiser – It goes a long way and if you can’t afford to go all out on a full facial set your skin will still see the benefits

Less is most definitely more – As I’ve said in a previous post,  sometimes all you need is some red lipstick and you instantly look classy

Splash cold water on your face after washing – This will  tighten and refresh your skin

Always wear SPF, even in winter – UV rays are deadly for your skin, but most of us forget about our face! SPF will help keep the signs of aging a bay that little bit longer

Eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins – Trying to get your eyebrows exactly the same will never work as one side of your face is slightly different to the other naturally, so don’t fret 🙂

Don’t forget your neck when cleaning your face – so important! This is the main cause of sagging neck skin,  so don’t neglect it while you can

Make sure you have the best quality bra – if you’re willing to spend a little money on a good quality bra and learn how to take care if it then I assure you it will last you for years! Make sure you get fitted for the right size as 8/10 of us are in the wrong size bra 🙂

When plucking your eyebrows, gently pull back your brow skin to ease discomfort – as someone who hates plucking their eyebrows because of the pain, this helps greatly and makes the process a whole lot less painful

Use clear nail polish to fix a ladder in your tights – a few dabs and that baby won’t be running anywhere 🙂

Water water and more water! Drink lots of it, as it helps keep skin plump and also flush out toxins in your body
Growing up I found these helped me a lot and I hope they can help you too 🙂

Whatever you’re doing for Mother’s Day enjoy yourself and let your mom know how much she means to you 🙂

If you’ve any tips and tricks your mother taught you down through the years please let me know in the comments!


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