A Forgotten Treasure


Last weekend I visited The Burren in Co. Clare. Unlike a lot of places in Ireland, it’s a region you don’t hear very much about and from what I saw is very much a forgotten treasure! Even with the weather being less than the best I still got to experience its great beauty and history. To step out on the limestone and think, this was formed thousands of years ago blew my mind!


My first stop was to the Aillwee Caves located just outside Ballyvaughan. If you’ve never been to a cave system before this is the perfect place to start as the walk though isn’t as tight as a lot can be. The tour guide will stop at various section along the way and give you a full history behind how the caves were formed and how they were discovered. My thoughts on exiting were of hope! Hope that maybe this generation hadn’t found everything there is to be explored yet 🙂



My next stop was to the Birds of Prey Centre. I’d never been close to any birds really never mind birds of prey but it was a very exciting experience. The centre provides daily flying shows along with personalised Hawk Walks as well as an aviary with many different species of Birds, a lot of which can be found in Ireland 🙂  The flying show was fantastic, it is amazing to see how these birds fly, hunt and even how they socialize with other people. Beside the centre  is a fabulous little farmers shop where I sampled the most fantastic homemade cheese 🙂 little fact about myself, I love cheese and anything homemade 😀 If you’re a lover of homemade Irish products this is the perfect place to go!



My final stop was to a small Dolmen at Poulnabrone, which is the best surviving Dolmen on the Burren and has a long history. At first, the place doesn’t look that breathtaking but as you walk around and see the shapes in the rock,  the flora and fauna the true beauty becomes evident. Because of this, I truly believe The Burren is a forgotten treasure among the many that the Emerald Isle has to offer. If you live nearby or are planning on visiting Ireland, I strongly recommend taking the time to experience The Burren’s breathtaking beauty for yourself 🙂 


If there are any place you feel are lost treasure’s where you live or if you’ve been to The Burren let me know of your experience in the comments 🙂

CJ 🙂

Ps. If you decide to go visit the Caves and it’s raining don’t let that put you off, as a few features only appear when it’s been raining 🙂 Visit their website to avail of great ticket offers and read more information on The Ailwee Caves http://www.aillweecave.ie/ 


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