Afternoon Tea in An Cupan Tae


If you live in Galway and haven’t gone to Afternoon Tea in An Cupan Tae beside the Quay, then now is definitely the time to go. Gentlemen this goes for you too! This cosy little tea room, although very girlie and frilly can be the perfect place for date afternoon. Your special lady will be forever grateful

When you first approach you get a vintage vibe, which is confirmed by the old style bicycle sitting in the window. It reminded me of my Granny’s kitchen with the fine china cups and saucers dotted all over the room, and the smell of freshly brewed tea in the air. I was shown to my table and even that had a hint of vintage, with the most delicate lace table cloth. Looking at the beautiful menu I decided how could I not get afternoon tea 🙂

Just as my tea and adorable spread of sandwiches and cakes arrived I found myself thinking back to the day when putting the kettle on and sitting down seemed to be the solution to everything. I remembered in my Granny’s kitchen there was alway fresh tea being made and, no matter if you were jumping for joy or bursting into tears you were sat down and handed a China cup filled with hot milky tea because, as my Granny always said ‘tea tastes best in a China cup’ and boy was she right. It was so smooth but full bodied at the same time and don’t even get me started on the sandwiches 🙂

Thankfully it wasn’t until the end that I discovered a whole other room off to the side that was stacked high with little bags of every type of tea imaginable.And! They were for sale 😀 I found it very hard not to walk away with all of them!

If you live nearby then I would highly recommend paying a visit. But , if this isn’t an option no need to fret you can check out their website and their online tea shop 🙂 

If you’ve been here before I’d love you to share your experience and if there is any other place you think I need to try next please let me know in the comments


CJ 🙂

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  1. Kia Anderson says:

    Loved this place when i visited it last year!

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