Simple Steps to De-Clutter a Small Living Space

Awwwwww (breaths in deeply) Spring! It’s finally upon us, the lambs are jumping,the trees are starting to bud and if, like me you grew up in an Irish home that means the dreaded Spring Clean 😥

Every spring my mother would set aside a weekend where nothing was safe! We were each handed a bucket and a black bag and told what to clean, how to clean it  and to not come out of our rooms until the bag was full. As I grew older I release the importance of this massive clean out as I found myself putting importance on items that at the end of the day just added unnecessary clutter to my already small space.

The following are my personal tips I’ve found over the years have helped me let go of stuff I’m no longer using and clean my space and everything in it 🙂

Things you’ll need

Dryer Sheets

Talcum Powder

Whole Lemon

1 Cup Baking Soda

All Purpose Cleaner

Kitchen Paper


The Wardrobe

Firstly, gather all the clothes in your wardrobe and put them in a pile. Secondly, take out any winter clothes and pack them away for use after the summer. Now for the hard part, pick out a few (around 4) outfits that you feel most comfortable in, dare I say even sexy 😉 and use these as the basis of your Spring/Summer wardrobe. All other clothes unless ripped or stained can be donated to your local charity shop or even sold for a few extra bob in your pocket 🙂 If you do need to buy something, remember ‘Out with the old in with the new’ so for every new item you buy throw out an older item to prevent it getting cluttered again. Finally, give your whole wardrobe a wipe down with some wet wipes or all-purpose cleaner and it will look brand new again.

The Bedroom

Firstly, start by stripping all the sheets off the bed and if you can flip the mattress do so carefully, if not don’t worry 🙂 Sprinkle the entire mattress with some talcum powder, scented or unscented works just fine. Lightly rub with your hand and leave for at least twenty minutes, then grab the hoover and vacuum the excess for a fresh clean scented bed. If you can’t find a talc you like then rubbing dryer sheets all over the mattress will help in achieving it also. Redress in fresh crisp sheets and you won’t ever want to leave your bed again. Finally, give the bed frame and any bookshelves, table tops or drawers a good wipe down with some wet wipes or all-purpose cleaner.

The Bathroom

This is the room that for me has always taken the most time. I start with any empty shower bottles and I just throw them out. I find I end up keeping them with great intentions and turn out never actually using them. Next, take the lemon and use it on all of the taps, this will really help make them shine and stay looking brighter for longer, save the lemon for later tho. Now if you used dryer sheets on your mattress then here is another great use for them, dampen a sheet and use it to rub away the nasty water stains that can build up on the glass of your shower, if you have one. Finally, pour ½ cup of baking soda into the toilet let it fizz away for a few minutes then, give a little scrub with a brush and the bowl will sparkle 🙂 Finally, give all other surfaces a quick spray with some all-purpose cleaner and wipe down with some kitchen paper.

The Kitchen

Lastly, we come to the Kitchen. For me this is the room I use the most as it’s the area in my house in which everyone sits down to catch up, so often it gets real messy real quickly. Firstly take the last of the baking soda and sprinkle it on the bottom of your oven, if you don’t have an oven this trick also works wonders in a microwave, take a cup of water and add that along with baking soda. Leave it in until the end of the cleaning session, then wipe it all down with a sponge or kitchen roll. Secondly, look through all the cupboards and if there is any food or spices that are out of date, out they go 🙂 Spray all surfaces with all-purpose cleaner and wipe down. Take the lemon from earlier and again use this to clean all taps and if you have a glass hob it works fantastic on that also, just rub it all over the glass and leave for a few minutes before wiping down. Finally, pop that lemon in the dishwasher and turn it on to have the nicest smelling dishwasher around 🙂

And that’s it! Although this sounds like a lot, doing these few simple things just once a year can honestly make the whole Spring Cleaning experience a lot less traumatic!

If you enjoyed or have any spring cleaning tips of your own please let me know

CJ  🙂



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  1. Kia Anderson says:

    I’ve always hated cleaning my house never mind just for the spring, I think i’ll try out a few of these next time

    Liked by 1 person

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